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    called in by home owner the other day (39HAD042070) and the pilot light they say is going off, checked voltage on thermocouple, (has been replaced couple of weeks ago by another contractor) and it is fine.... I think something is blowing out the pilot... this is a mid with the power ventor and standing pilot.... called in again this morning and the customer says that she heard a couple of small bangs and then a louder one in the middle of the night... then no heat for the rest of the night... this morning I took out the blower, checked exchanger, below and above... with scope too, everything looks fine... A coil is clean
    temp rise is okay, 70 return and 120 F in the supply air plenum,... thought maybe someone else out in the heating world might have run across something like this... runs fine all the time I was there... cycles on and off by thermostat fine....

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    Probably should switch question to pro forum for tech to tech answer.

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