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    Kwill: They want allkinds of personal info too. Will I get in trouble if I setup with that number?

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    Practically Canadian ehh.

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    Update..... salesman sent a controls tech to check the problem, gave him all wrong info. He called me to clarify and I explained about economizer and mechanical cooling. He was not aware that configs could be changed as kwill suggested but said he would check with tech support.
    Last I heard, LCI card has been ordered. We will see.

    Economizer works fine. Problem seems to be in the mechanical cooling lockout. Compressor continued to run at 40°f OA temp (with econo at 100%)and 25° discharge air temp....... until compressor locked out on low pressure.
    I can see the OA temp at the Tracker so I know the RTRM should be seeing it as well.

    ??????? There is no OA sensor connected directly to the Tracker. Could this be a problem? I have assumed all along that the unit should control compressor lockout :$

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