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    Kwill: They want allkinds of personal info too. Will I get in trouble if I setup with that number?

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    Practically Canadian ehh.

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    Update..... salesman sent a controls tech to check the problem, gave him all wrong info. He called me to clarify and I explained about economizer and mechanical cooling. He was not aware that configs could be changed as kwill suggested but said he would check with tech support.
    Last I heard, LCI card has been ordered. We will see.

    Economizer works fine. Problem seems to be in the mechanical cooling lockout. Compressor continued to run at 40f OA temp (with econo at 100%)and 25 discharge air temp....... until compressor locked out on low pressure.
    I can see the OA temp at the Tracker so I know the RTRM should be seeing it as well.

    ??????? There is no OA sensor connected directly to the Tracker. Could this be a problem? I have assumed all along that the unit should control compressor lockout :$

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