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    Thanks for the support and I appreciate the pledge, as of now I understand that you have pledged 100 dollars, I will match it as I said I would.

    ( I am a little concerned about your motives though)

    Are you sure you want to bid ? I do not think that I am going to do anything that day that will get me banned,

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    Well if he does get a day all to himself please let me know what day it is........that day Im going fishing or working overtime, I sure the hell wont be on here.

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    Kansas City
    Don't worry Eddie I'll pay my end, and no motive entertainment only. I don't mind giving back to this site, its been a great help to me. I do have one person to add to your hit list though.

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    I have to agree with robo, even if we paid him he would come back.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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