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Thread: XT-9100 help

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    I have installed a JCIXT with a 6 AI 2 AO expansion. I have only connected 2 AI, 0-10V there. I used an external power supply to power up the sensor (DPT). When I initially power up the DX9100, it reads correctly, but then it starts to increase voltage until it reaches maximum. When you measure voltage against AI common, voltage drops to normal voltage, but it rises up again. Now this happens with the Power Supply negative out connected to common or not. Please help.

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    Sounds wierd-

    Programing- things to check

    On DPT (Active senors) Make sure the input (DATA) Sq, is checked

    Add a filter (sec) Increase this little by little

    Range of Sensor (dx/etc...will give wierd readings if range dont match sensors) IE sensor reads close to normal-then just a few degrees higher (real time) and a slight change in temp (field) then sensor readings jumps way outa the ball park


    Wire the xt/Sensor to the Same DX (I,m sure Power supply will handle both xt & AND sensors!) could have a floating comm? (or install a larger VA transformer to handle both)

    or try grounding both power supplys at same point!

    DO you have a spare (new) DPT..hook it up at XT AI bypass Noise/Wire/etc problems you might be haveing.

    I sure you tryed all this..but gave you my two cents

    I remember some "Flash" sheets from JCI on some XT AI problems! (But cant remember what it was-maybe just the DX not reading the Valve right?)

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    On the XP --do you have AI jumpers set for voltage

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