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    Quadrafire 1200 Thermostat

    I recently installed a used Quadrafire CB1200 pellet stove in my home. Got it up and running just fine, but don't care much for the standard thermostat. My question is, can I install a digital or programmable thermostat in this pellet stove? From some of the discussions I've read online, the digital or programmable thermostats just cause problems.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thomas, sorry I didn't respond to your post in the Fireplaces section but you should not double post.

    Contact Quad with your model and serial number. You may have a bad board. Also, verify the position of the thermocouple over the firepot as noted in the homeowner's manual. It often gets knocked out of position when cleaning.

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    Thomas, I deleted your duplicate thread. And moved hearthman's reply in it to this thread.
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