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Thread: Sears Warrenty

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    They don't call them "Sears and Robyourbucks" for nuttin!! Sounds like a huge thorn in your side to me!!

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    temprite contracting I would give him his written quote. Which would include the $2000 you overlooked on your first bid.

    I would stay away from this guy, sound like one of those worst customers stories in the making.

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    Yeah. Fire him before he hires you. Withdraw the contract and tell him why. We get those kinds all the time...just looking for a deal, no matter the quality. I usually just tell them, "Nice meeting you. Have a nice day," leave my proposal for them to cry over after the first season.

    It will likely be the last big ticket item he buys from Sears.
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    turns out I called him to just tell him we arent interested and he says he went with a completly differant company.What a DI__!!!He says these guys were 3200 cheaper than me. LOL I tell him theres a reason why there 3200 cheaper and GOOD LUCK

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    $3200 cheaper than you! WTF? Either you were charging an exorbitant amount or the other clowns were charging just enough to by a couple pizzas and a case of Old Milwaukee...Jeez!

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    he did you a big favor ...

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    It would be interesting to see all three of his proposals side by side on that one. Sound like he was playing you against sears the first time while just shopping for the cheapest price the whole time.

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    temprite, i've had a couple customers do that same thing to me.....the thing was i had done cheap maintenance and repair work hoping to get replacement for these customers getting their old equipment by, made me mad at the time when it happened cause it seemed i was getting my nose rubbed in it,....gotta go on,though...sears is BIG company to compete against.

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    No problem sir....the 15 year year warranty is only an extra $1,999.
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