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    Older Carrier PTAC Unit Question

    I have a Carrier Wall Pac 52BR unit in one room of my house that has never gotten much use but now I am needing to use it. It cools really well and the heat works really well also, but there just doesn't seem to be a low enough temperature setting when it is in heat mode, basically it just stays too warm in there even with the dial turned all the way down to the coolest setting and the unit on low. Can someone please tell me a little more about these units and maybe make a recommendation? It has what appears to be a metal sensor on the end of a metal line coming out of the bottom of it. Is this the thermostat sensor? If so could it be wrapped during winter time? Just trying to come up with something that will work.

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    You're probably getting what you're gonna get. Most likely oversized for application. You might call a contractor out and get them to put a thermostat on it. Some of those came with the capabilities to do that.
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    Thanks for the info, yes a review shows the unit is likely oversized for the room it is in but I have the same issues even when I leave the door open to the rest of the house. Can you tell me a little bit about how the temperature sensors work on these units? Unfortunately I don't have the actual users manual for the unit but I have managed to find an install and general information manual online. Thanks again.

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