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    I recently purchased NTI Trinity Ti150 boiler to replace my 37 year old system. Will install in March or April towards end of heating season. I need a licensed contractor in Northern New Jersey (Oakland, Bergen County) to do startup so I can get warranty. Any recommendations?

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    good luck..

    Get a licensed and insured contractor to install and do start up. This boiler is very complex and requires an experenced boiler installer. DO NOT even attempt this yourself....

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    Most contractors will not warranty your boiler if you install it. We can do a combustion analyzer test if needed. Do you fully understand how this boiler must be installed. We have fixed several improper installations that plumbers, and homeowner have installed. If you are not sure call a pro. it will cost you less in the long run. We are highly recommended by NTI's N.Jersey's sales rep. Mark Paternoster if you need to check our qualifications and workmanship or email me at

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