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Thread: h-talk security

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    Nov 2004
    You know I wouldnt want to argue Lusker,but ...i have found that yes these come from here.

    they are added with every page I look at.(here)

    I delete them but they come back when I open a new page.

    I have seen hitbox before,but I cant remember where.Maybe an auto parts site.

    I set my privacy to block third party cookies. I will let you know if it worked. Last time i tried something it kept me out of the pro side and I thought for sure you had banned me for being stupid.

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    Nov 2004
    Originally posted by jacob perkins
    If I use the "prompt" setting it will identify them in more detail under properties.(They have other names)
    I thought you might want to know about this.
    when I did that,I would have to individually approve about 3 hvactalk cookies and some build cntral ones ,all first party....

    but also mixed in the line-up was hitbox ones.

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    Nov 2004
    Originally posted by TitleLess
    A little paranoid there Jake ?
    and the order of my favorites list has changed. I cant find anything.

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    May 2004
    If you block cookies then you will need to sign on each time you enter. It may not let you in to the pro areas because it doesn't know who you are.

    The site will not where you have been so you will not get an accurate reading for your updated posts.

    I guess it could be worse.

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    Talking Got Shot Gun~Will Travel

    I got a shot gun we could just shoot Robo and say that he contaminated the site, jacob scared me and I just fired once by accident..

    <<One Shot~One Kill>>
    Center * Mass

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