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Thread: Service Co's

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    I read the rules and dont think I am breaking any, but feel free to close, etc if this post does.

    Does anyone know a good resource for finding recommened HVAC techs/companies? Maybe like a rating or review site?

    Specifically I am looking for a knowledgeable haetpump tech in North NJ, but don't really want to take my chances with the yellow pages, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try your freinds, neighbors, coworkers and relatives (in that order). They will be the best to tell you. I know that it's not high tech, but it's the most accurate and trustworthy way.

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    Thats what i figured. Just thought there might be something out there, or even a tech from my area on here.

    The only ppl I know with heatpumps are the ones in my condo complex, and so far its been: "Yeah I know this guy, is a friend of a friend and he works on these things on the side." type of thing.

    I havent been impressed with the attempts to contact any of these guys.

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    Do us and yourself a favor and dont hire ANYONE on the side. you give up alot more than you save. (This coming from a guy who used to do some side work).

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    exactly why I didnt/wont. I want a professional, thats the reason for the post. not looking for some "guy".

    ive been reading here for a while now and from reading the posts i can imagine lots of places from diff shops not being up to par.

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    One option is to see if your utility has any affiliates that provide home products and services.

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    Look for a factory authorised company in whatever brand you have.......even the best companys out there might have a bozo on the payroll,so if you're not satisfied you can call the manufacturor for a recommended company also. JMO
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    Here's one place, see if there is any NATE trained heat pump techs in your area.
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    Thanks, mathwei and everyone. One the NATE site it turns out one of the outfits right in my town is listed. I guess maybe Ill give them a call and check them out.

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    Did you try clocking on "find a contractor" at the top of the page?

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    Kenilworth New Jersey


    Try DeSesa out of Bloomfield. They do a lot of heatpump work.

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    where about in north jersey i may know a good company up there

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    specifically in hawthorne

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