$7 Hunting Stamp Allows Shooter One Lawyer Per Season


New lawyer armor
THE NATION — Thousands of hunters flocked to state fish and game offices across the country demanding that they be allowed to buy the $7 hunting stamp that allows a shooter to bag one lawyer per season.

Demand for the stamp has been overwhelming, report state fish and game officials. In state capitals across the country, with the new sport of lawyer hunting gathering unprecedented momentum, officials were studying raising the fee from $7 to $70 as a revenue raising measure.

Angry sportsmen responded to the threat to raise the price of the stamp as a clear infringement of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. But sportsmen were heartened when new Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, approved an injunction preventing state agencies from raising the fee pending a constitutional challenge based on the “pursuit of happiness,” which has been linked to the Second Amendment in a novel way, sure to be studied by law schools for decades to come.

Lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union are trying on new body armor.

Paul A. Myers