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    Leaking plate heat exchanger

    We have a water cooled chiller that uses plate heat exchangers. It developed a refrigerant leak and water has now contaminated the whole system. As far as I know the compressor is still fuctional but for how long would be the question. The compressor is a Copeland ZR12M3-TWD-961 any thoughts on if the compressor would survive if I changed the oil, drier and evacuated the system. My guess would be I will be changing the compressor.

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    First- did it run with water in it. Second- did you dehydrate the system properly. If it didn't run with water in it and you did dehydrate the system properly (nitrogen,vacum,nitrogen,vac,oil change,etc) then it should run fine. You will need to change the oil and dryers a few times to make sure you have it all but there is no real guarranty until you fire it up.

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    Had this happen on a 40 hp compressor. Set up a core dryer outside the unit and had the compressor pump its oil through the core dryers and back into the compressor sump. This compressor used POE oil. Changed out a lot of dryers but finally got rid of the moisture.
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