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    Originally posted by dougfamous
    Yeah, that's waaaay too much. I'm sure you can find some guy working out of a station wagon to hack you a system in for a lot cheaper. Then you can pay the original bidder to come back and clean up the mess.

    Hey Doug, Iam sure your a legend in your own mind and your brilliance is eclipsed only by the sun. Must be pretty hard for you to put up with us mear mortals.
    You see, Iam just an HO That doesn't have a clue about HVAC systems or what they cost. I feel that it is my responsability to my self and my family to make the best decisions that I can regarding our wellfare, quality of life , finances etc.
    In my experience , if you don't know about something it's a good idea to ask someone who does, so that you don't end up really screwing things up. My post here was not meant to be derrogatory to any one , I was mearly asking the "Experts" what there thoughts on this matter were. As you probably already know ( iam sure you know EVERYTHING) Equipment pricing seems to be a highly gaurded secret, and even though the quality of the install is critical, there are unscrupulus people out there that will take you to the cleaners first chance they get. All I wanted to know was ... Does this sound reasonable for what Iam about to get? If I had been quoted $2,000.00 for the project I would of hoped that someone would have piped in with a " Umm sounds like somethings wrong there, you might want to get another quote " The same if I had been quoted $25,0000.00 for the same thing. Iam not looking to nickle and dime the contractor down, Iam willing to pay for what is reasonable, I just needed to find out what IS reasonable.

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    Talking Re: Re: Re: Re: FL Rates

    Originally posted by beenthere
    Originally posted by beenthere
    Originally posted by beenthere
    VOLUME = Le$$
    Say that again, I couldn't hear you, my volume wasn't turned up.
    J/K [/B][/QUOTE] ... Replace the Batteries
    and I'll "talk" to you later!
    Designer Dan
    It's Not Rocket Science, But It is SCIENCE with "Some Art". ___ ___ K EEP I T S IMPLE & S INCERE

    Define the Building Envelope and Perform a Detailed Load Calc: It's ALL About Windows and Make-up Air Requirements. Know Your Equipment Capabilities

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    Thumbs up Looks Good on paper~ BUT>>>

    Originally posted by jvega4
    First, a big Hello to all of you and a big thanks for shareing you knowledge and time.
    My 10 y/o heat pump has given up and Iam in the process of getting it replaced. I have decided on a Trane system and have gotten 3 quotes from local dealers. I have no idea what is a reasonable price and would like to get some feed back on the middle quote to see if Iam getting a new one ripped or if it seems reasonable to you. I would greatly appreciate your opinions.
    This is a 2600 sq ft cinderblock home in Central florida that faces south. The J manual calculations call for a 4 ton unit.
    The Proposal:
    Removal and disposal of old unit
    New electrical disconect
    New insulated refrigerant lines
    Build new air handler stand with 3/4 inch plywood and insulate inside with 1.5 inch ridged duct insulation.
    New ceiling mounted filter back grille and return duct.
    Build new 1.5 inch ridged fiberglass supply and return plenum.28 x 12
    240-120 CM surge device
    New condensate discharge line with emergency auxiliary overflow device
    Wet switch ( Have no idea what this is)
    Polymer pad for condenser with "extreme kit" ?
    Verify duct condition and seal if needed.
    One 4 ton Trane XL19i 2TWZ9048B
    One Variable speed air handler TWE049E13 FB
    One programable ( super duper ) thermostat
    2 year satisfaction garantee and 10years parts .
    Extended 10 year warranty- for labor and service calls is xxxxx extra
    Perfect fit 5 inch media filter is xxxxx extra
    Cost without the 2 options above is xxxxxxxxx
    Needless to say I GASPED! and told my son he is not getting a car after HS

    Is this reasonable?? Please help with your feed back. (No pricing, due to site rules )

    [Edited by senior tech on 02-14-2006 at 07:27 AM]
    I didn't see any place on that proposal to which an inspection by local mechanical department , or permit.

    I would also purchase the extended warranty now or in the first year if possible and keep your system on regular maintenance program to insure maximum performance..

    Just my opinion..<<<<<Aircooled>>>>>>>
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    I didnt read the original quoted price but thats ok. I think Doug was just funnin ya. I suspect the point he was making is that equipment cost is only a small factor in determining the actual job cost. Ductowrk changes and other items on that list are fairly labor intensive and frankly a "guy in a statin wagon" wouldnt do them so his price would be considerably lower and you would end up with a peice of equipment and not a solution. You are paying for experience and knowhow and the dedication to back up the system they install. The highest price isnt always the best, but the lowest price rarely is.

    The problem with pricing is, every area has basic differences such as taxes, overhead, freight, training standards, labor rates, to mention a few and it's hard to compare them fairly.

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    Thank you Doc for your sensible reply. I appreciate your input.

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