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Thread: Golf

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    Headed to a golf boot camp, it runs four weeks at a time, Monday evenings,

    We have ten exercises set up , with about ten people. So we just rotate from one station to the other, then we have putting contests to finish up, sounds goofy but it helps loosen you up for the upcoming season after not playing for several months,

    Any one else into golf ?

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    May 2004

    Doing spring cleaning of all the spare clubs I purchased last year.

    Got three sold on ebay now.

    Have another six drivers that will hit there soon... even a new set of irons that are too stiff for my play.

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    Jun 2003
    Hell Hole Swamp
    I play occasionally, poorly, its one of the few times you can legally drink and drive

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    Aug 2004
    Los Angeles, CALIFA
    Havent played for 2-years due to a sholder injury. Well This past saturday I went out with my three brother-in-laws for the first time since the injury. Well The Friday night before, they came over for dinner and were asking me all kinds of questions like what your longest drive, what is your handicap, what was your best score, what was your longest putt, things like that. Then they brought up the thought to make the game a little more intresting by placing some money on it. Nothing much, a $1.00 a hole, .25 cents greenies. So I am thinking the most I could loose is $18.00 and some change. Well we had a 5:58AM tee-time & didn't arrive until 5:45AM No chance to warm up. On the first Tee (417 yard par 4) all three of them where just talking smack to me. "Like, did you bring your check book?" crap like that. All three of them teed off and hit pretty decent shots. But nothing to what they built themselves out to be. Well I placed my ball on the tee, lined up with the ball took a deep breath, and Whack 236 yards straight down the pipe. My best drive ever. Got to my ball 7 wood out half swing 6 inches from the pin. Birdied the hole. Well after the last hole i ended up shooting a 90. My best game ever. And yes while waiting for the group on the third hole to finish. i turned to them and said "did you guys bring your check book?"
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    Feb 2003
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    I love to golf
    I have been out 3 times already this year
    Not very good but not out there to compete

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    What are the Irons and drivers ?

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    Mar 2002
    Richmond, Virginia
    Played almost every weekend until this past weekend's couple of inches of snow stopped us.
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    Had a senior drill sargeant in the army who turned me against it...would drive the ball what seemed like a mile and make us fetch it just to smack it again...

    Also took my 5 year old grandson to play home and he bragged to nanny how he beat me, she whispers to me..."you really made him feel good letting him win"...I whispered back...I didn't let him!

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    Jul 2002
    Slacking off right now
    nice story tech

    I'm a tournamanent player my self

    Ha that's supplier tournamants

    but i usually hit around the mid seventies

    and for the rest of you besides titless I,m happy to break 100 - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Australia : Queensland
    Yep i play

    best score is a 36 on a par 33 course (9 hole)
    that was of 0 handicap

    This is one of my favourite courses Pelican waters
    they call it troon golf , which means it is built on the natural land that lay.

    Second favourite is Royal pines
    This is a classic course , plenty of lanscaping.

    Next one on the list is Hope island

    Then Sanctuary cove

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    Originally posted by TitleLess
    Headed to a golf boot camp, it runs four weeks at a time, Monday evenings,

    Golf boot camp ?? That will be tough I bet.

    Follow through on that back swing slacker !!!!!!!

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    Feb 2005
    Dothan, Al
    Golf is my love/hate relationship.....
    Played last week for first time this year. Made an birdie on 1st hole and an eagle on third hole ( 286 yd par 4 - drive rolled to within 14" of hole ) - ended with a 96 - so goes the game...
    Looking to play again later this week.


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    Dec 2003
    I have a membership at a municipal course and play a lot. The course is right on my way home from work and I stop off for nine holes several times a week and play a full round on most weekends. It is my way to relax and wind down after work. Shot a 41 today.

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