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    Re: r2 get a grip....

    Originally posted by mechanicalmaster
    Read the whole thread before you post. First off the Mfg allows for a one pipe install on this unit if venting VERTICAL. Secondly the HO Has already posted pic showing outside air ducted into furnace room. So know the facts before you start posting things that might needlessly alarm the public.


    thanks to you too for opening my eyes! I will strive to be more careful in the future!

    my regards,

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    Originally posted by docholiday
    OP... is there a reason you cant sidewall vent right out there? (Driveway or something?) I'm a little concerned they will have a hard time sticking a 3" pipe up through that wall.
    The furnace is awkwardly situated in my basement almost as far way from an accessible wall as possible. The block wall (South) you see is next to the garage. West is the front of the house, which is covered by a porch with cement to the ground. North is about 20 feet way, running cross-wise to the joists, with finished space all the way. East is most feasible (where exisitng fresh air vent is located), but the wall is still about 15 feet away, through finished space, and exits to a porch and sidewalk, which is covered by a porch.

    I've emailed a diagram of the existing vent run to the contractor. If anyone is interested, here it is:

    There is a jog through the sill which would have to be drilled to a 3" opening, but then the vertical runs goes up through the garage, in the corner, rather than through the wall. I don't see any big problems going to 3".

    Thanks for your continued interest and help.

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    vern p

    I'm hearing that all the classifacations for mechanical are going to be combined. Sort of like a master plumber.
    And if you have at least half under your belt you will be grandfathered in.

    A couple of years back they did that with Duct, and Hvac, and gas pipe. How ever it stills shows on the license as seperate you have to take one test for them all.


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    Have them insulate the pipe in the garage and attic per the instructions. Thanks for the drawing.

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    Kelvin, give me a call or e-mail me on that lots happening soon on mechanical but this thread isn't the place to discuss it. Vern 248-343-8830 e-mail in credentials
    Vern P: 2003 MBC,MRC,IFGC,IFC
    An HVAC-Talk Michigan Chapter Mechanical Inspector, Jurisdiction-Ann Arbor

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    Just a word of thanks to all for the advice! The company has returned and rectified all the venting issues to my satisfaction. Everything is copacetic. This forum has been invaluable. Thanks again!

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