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    I need some help I have a old perlick roll top back bar cooler with remote 1/2 hp compressor, we like the cooler and it is hard to replace. Evporator is shot and unrepairable , no replacement,available so I have choices first unit was originaly R12 converted to 409 why did they not use 134a does that freon not work with this application. The easiest way to replace coil would be to buy a production coil and adapat to my cooler question is can I pick my freon get a expanion valve for that freon knowing the coil is different than original but for the same hp and will it work

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    The problem is not the refrigerant, it is the oil in the compressor that is not compatible with the refrigerant. In my opinion the best way for you to solve your problem would be to replace the whole refrigeration system. Condensing unit, evaporator and line set. This way you can put what ever refrigerant you want, as long as it is compatible with the oil and compressor. A new system would last many years without issue if installed properly by a Pro.
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    hidden valley

    The problem with pros is it is very hard to seperate knowledge from bul**** until the job is done, most mechinics today only want to sell and install equip not fix and repair. You seem to have knowledge tell me will we have any problem if the evorater coil is oversized if I would have a problem what would it be also if you know of coil suppliers that I could order a direct replacement let me know.

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    Where are you located? The Locator Map here on this site should put you in touch with a reputable Contractor in your area.
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    that old perlik is better than most of the new stuff unless it is really beat up. a good refer man can find & install a coil for you.
    state your location & there is probably someone on the board that can fix you up.

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    Well, if you're interested, a good tech can gut the cabinet, install a new condensing unit, new lineset, new evap and TXV and you'll be set.

    Of course, you would be looking as a significant investment in that type of project.

    If you're willing to pay the freight, then I see no reason not to proceed with the project, though.

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    Use Hotshot R-414B. Runs great in old R-12 units and does not run as hot as R409A. And Ive used it without replacing the old oil too without any problems. Ive had difficult times getting coolers to proper temp with R-409A.


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