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    I recently bought a home which has an Amana Air Command 80 furnace. I just checked the permanent filter and it was disgusting. I really don't like the idea of cleaning that thing out and re-using it. I bought a Filtrete 1250 disposable filter (by 3M) and it fits just fine.

    I then found the original Amana manual and it says to use whatever type of filter it was installed with ... permament or disposable.

    Is there a problem with using a disposable filter? (I don't mind spending the extra $$ every few months)

    Thanks in advance!
    (first time checking out this forum, but I'm sure not the last!)


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    Nope, but check that one often...they cause my customers more bad then good...they're very dense and restrict air flow. Better off with the 1000.

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    Ok to replace with disposable, but those 3M's, especially the Ultra Alergen ones are WAY to restrictive on any A/C or Heat system. 3M Dust and Pollen Filter might be ok. I use this filter but I replace it every 3 weeks. If you want cleaner air, best to call a tech and get and April Aire 2200 or 2400 media filter installed.

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    the 3m filtrete for dust and pollen are usually pretty good stay away from the cheap ones you get what you pay for.

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    Thanks for the quick replies! I'll check out the dust & pollen ones, then. Is there going to be a problem with the restricted air-flow of the 1250 that I have for a few nights? I'll check to make sure it's not getting sucked into the fan.

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