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Thread: Dimming lights

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    do NOT just tighten mechanical connections on aluminum wire!!! torque them per device mfgr instructions --

    too much torque will cause cold flow.

    in industry, I required all circuits of =>70a to be torqued, even for copper -- sure stopped several call-ins.

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    buzzing and dimming is caused by high inrush current and voltage drop. Nothing to do with grounding and bonding the unit. Check connections all the way to the meter, pull it out, up size the wire, check all terminal connections, best of all call a qualified, certified, licensed electrician.


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    Originally posted by beenthere
    Originally posted by gstein

    He grabbed the service neutral and wiggled it to see if it was tight. The neutral wire popped out. He stuck it back in but it was too late. There was an immediate bang from inside the house and the sound of a lady cussing and yelling as loud as she could.
    Thats a great way to put 240 volts through any running 120 volt appliances.
    She was probably making a cake for Otto and already had her mixer on high. Now that cake is all over her walls!
    There's TREACHERY AFOOT!!!

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