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    on a air cooled heat pump, in the winter mode when it is taking heat out of the outside air, is the suction pressure lower, and if it is what does it normally run

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    The compression ratio of the compressor is relative to the pressures of the refrigerant in conjunction with the temperatures across both evap and condensing coils, so no, the suction pressures are not necessarily lower in the heat mode.

    There is no "normal" pressure. All functions of a refrigerant system are based on the temperature and pressure relationships between the evaporation of the refrigerant in the evaporator coil and the condensing of the refrigerant in the condensing coil., and ye shall find;..
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    Yes, compared to a full cooling load, generally the heating mode suction pressure is lower as it gets colder out but as Robo said, there are alot of variables.

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