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    Them packaging people

    I was at a customers home a few nights ago and he had a Taco 0010 installed on a generic residential system. It piqued my interest and I asked. He tells me that his plumber friend sold him on it that it would heat up the house quicker.

    Now the head pressure on the 0010 is 11.5, GPM 0-30 and the 007 is 11, GPM 0-20.

    Are we looking for more flow? Providing that the the piping is correct (which it's not) the actual physics of what they are attempting to accomplish does not seem possible.

    For example, we have an account that has a 1" loop that is approx. 150' in total length. It is already piped in and the performance is poor. It has a Taco 007 equivalent with a tempering loop piped in. Someone wants to throw a 0010 on the loop. I would like to actually figure out what the loop needs. I would assume that a higher head pressure circulator is needed. But what about the flow rate and how much head pressure do you need? Also, do we need to install a bypass loop for the boiler to prevent thermal shock for low temp return water from such a large loop?

    My concern is that for every problem that we encounter, someone always pipes up and says the throw a '0010' on it. With out any explanation or justification. Does repeated experience rule the day or logical thought? I would like to know. Thanks.

    On the other hand, maybe I need to just go with the flow and be assimilated? I don't think so. I'd rather keep learning and challenging people. It keeps me sharp.
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    have you gotten the sizing |choosing CD from Taco?
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