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    I really like the Munchkin boiler, I install them all the time. There are a couple of things that drive me nuts about them though.
    1)The Honeywell gas valve for one.
    Though the newer models are coming with Dunns gas
    valves, I still get some every now and then with a
    Honeywell. They seem to be very hit and miss. I have
    problems with them knocking and even when they are set
    up properly as far as gas pressure, ppm of CO, and flame
    2)The nipple on the Honeywell valves always seemed to come
    crooked which inevitably threw off the plum or level of
    the gas line. Since the introduction of the new Dunns
    Valve the nipples come out straight, but now the
    nipples from the heat exchanger come out crooked. So now
    you have a plum and level gas line but crooked
    3)The manufactures say that a fifty percent glycol to water
    mix will work, though not recommended because it
    dramatically reduces the efficiency of the boiler. I
    generally use about a thirty percent mix because of my
    area and more often then not the factory threads and
    seals will leak.
    Does anyone have answers or tips on theses issues. I have
    spoken to Reps and Munchkin Techs on all these issues with no real answers.

    Thank you for any info.

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    What are the applications for 50% glychol? Glychol will reduce heat transfer properties, but will not reduce boiler effeciency...or am I wrong?

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    I saw the info on Buderus's answer to the Muchkin and it came with loops prepiped. It looks nice,now it is a race to see who can sell one first.

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    I personally like the jelly filled ones.

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