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    I've spent nearly 23 yrs doing commercial service work, most of it's been in the unitary market, all varieties of tonnage. Also have some experience in chiller and boiler service. Here's my dilemma, we are starting to get involved with more control work, primarily, Honeywell Lonspec applications. And, we are aggressively pursuing new service accounts, which are already being controlled by a variety of different systems. What a friggin' mind boggle! From what I'm seeing, you have to be a computer wizard to understand all of this. How do guys do it? How in the world do you service all of these different systems, each with their own proprietary software, and require a shelf full of binders to learn about it ? I've always been one of the "go to" guys for the tough to solve problems, but this is really humiliating me. ---gman

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    It's not easy, I primarily am only involved with one brand, and I don't bother trying to get service accounts that has other brands as their primary control supplier,,

    You will have a long way to go trying to learn all of the different ones, and the software for them can break ya,

    I generally only do Invensys , and a little Alerton, although I can muddle through some JCI,Honeywell, Novar and a few others, it just doesn't pay to learn it or do it,

    We are never adding on to their systems, it's usually just replacing them or they are replacing ours, If they chose those control companies then they can live with their service that's the way I see it,,,

    Controls now, more than ever just about guarantee you being the service contractor in new buildings, You use to have to try to sell them, now it is a foregone conclusion that you will get the contract,, and it's just a matter of working out the level of service and the pricing,, but there is no where else for them to go,,,

    Open Protocol has slammed a lot of doors on the competition,,,Service contracts are a slam dunk with open protocol,,,It's a wonderful thing,

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