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    Tracer Summit Version 17 Service Pack 13 TOV

    Recently we upgraded a Tracer Summit System from version 12 to version 17 service pack 13. I was going through my area control and trying to set up a timed override initiator on one or two of the VAVs on the member list of the area. In previous versions of summit they would have a check box next to night economize to make this selection. For some reason it isn't even giving me a option to do this. I tried adding a new member and selecting it and it is grayed out. The VAV controllers that we have on site are the UCM II, III, IV's.

    Would someone be able to shed some light on what I can do to set up TOV?

    J. King

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    You might try creating a new area. See if its still grayed. Make sure you have all security rights you need also. When upgrading from that old user privileges changed.

    If you try all this and its still grayed out then its possible the specific unit you are trying does not support TOV through area. A custom CPL might need to be written to monitor the point. Which i believe the library has already one made to use.

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    Do ou have a VAS Set up?

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    Are you observing any issues with Tracer Summit Version 17 Service Pack 13 in windows 7.
    Like sites not connecting due "Bacnet incoming srever", "area server" issues.

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