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Thread: 90 plus venting

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    I believe my neighbor thinks I'm poisoning him since my new 90 plus furnace vents out the sidewall towards is yard. The furnace was installed per local codes.

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    As Bugs would say, what a maroon

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    Tell him to quit warming his hands up with it

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    sounds like he may have jealousy issues.

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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    As Bugs would say, what a maroon
    Or what a NIM-COW-POOP.
    There's TREACHERY AFOOT!!!

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    I thought I heard it all.. Guess not.

    No, he is NOT going to die from it.. No diffrent than what his lown mower/snow blower/car puts out. Maybe cleaner!

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    It's much cleaner than what a car puts out.

    So next time he's letting his car run to warm up in the driveway, tell him he's trying to poison you.... might only work if the tail pipe is pointed in your direction lol.
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    Just how close to the property lines are your vents? He may have a point if the distance is very close, but I seriously doubt it. Chances are there is at least 'some' distance to the lot lines. Check your local codes to make certain the required distance to a property line is met. But that probably was checked during inspections. Without seeing for myself, I'd say he probably needs to find something else to argue about. As a note, your new heating appliance probably emits so much less NOx, CO, CO2 and other compounds than the old unit did or his furnace does (if his is not a modern and well-tuned 90+ appliance) it's no comparison.
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    Never noticed so many of the new high efficiency furnaces in our neighborhood until we replaced our system (that vents through the chimney). Part of the criteria for design was to not impact our next door neighbors.

    We live in a densely built older neighborhood, and the quiet of the morning walk to work is totally blown by the incessant whine of these furnaces...a noise that didn't exist twenty years ago. The worst of them blow out the side of the house into neighbor's yards (no setbacks, no inspection). Some of them belch the white clouds (but none of them smell, there's a good thing).

    Still, the noise is a bummer, and there must be some products of combustion in the exhaust. Other threads on this forum recommend venting solutions to preclude corrosive effects on mortar/etc, why not a solution to think of others?

    You all seem to blow off the neighbor's concerns, but maybe could consider these issues at design/install and vent through the roof, into the property owners own yard, or some other way to minimize the hassle that one neighbor causes another. Unfortunately there's a lot of folks around today don't think past the end of their own nose.

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