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    what makes good HVAC installer helpers ,meaning
    do s and dont s ? thanks

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Pat attention,learn the lingo,don't require that you be shown the "how to" more than once or occasionaly twice.

    Ask questions when you need to.

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    Once you get the idea of what is going on, try to anticipate the next thing to get or do and just do it. Contrary to popular belief, most people dont like ordering other people around. Don't just sit there and expect to be told everything to do. After a while the two of you should be like a well-oiled machine.
    eventu rerum stolidi didicere magistro

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    some great advice guys ,thanks !!! I remember when an hvac
    team put my furnace/air in,I could not tell which guy was
    the helper because they worked so well together!!

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