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Thread: Taylor 8756-33

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    Taylor 8756-33

    Does anyone have any ideas why this machine would be freezing up harder on one side than the other?
    It has a softech control, nothing has been done to the machine recently except repaired the drive coupling about a month ago.


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    The soft tech controls read amperage off of the beater motors. when the load (soft serve product freezing) rises on the motors this increases the amperage and then the soft tech control cycles the freezing mode off. however this unit is a pump style machine and if there is not enough product in the freezing cylender then there wont be enough load on the beater motor the make the soft tech control cycle off. i would take a temp reading of the finished product. it should be around 18F. also make sure the pumps are sendind the right amount of mix to the freezing cylender. aslo this unit is 3 phase so make sure that the beater motors are going clock wise.
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