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    We're building a new house - which is a more reliable system to install, York or Armstrong?

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    The one that is properly sized, installed, and set-up to operate within the manufactures specifications.

    Get the best installer you can FIND!

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    i personally prefer york over armstrong but like jultzy just stated the installation is most

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    Building a home great opportunity to get it right the first time.

    If the budget allows do all that you can.

    A)Manual J,S,and D ,from ,be sure they do all three to size it right,select it right and size the duct system properly.

    B)Build a good envelope,insulation,windows ,doors,etc..

    C)After that look for high effieceny heating and cooling.

    D)Then comfort features like dehumidification control,two statge heat and cool,zoning ,etc..

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    York reply

    If you got a York system. See if you can understand the jumper settings in the manual. I got a new York 80,000 btu variable speed dc motor high efficiency furnace. It works very well except for a noise from the inducer(ventor) motor. After the tech came over, he took off the old one and found the gasket was off center. He put on a new inducer motor and now the noise is gone. The manual is very vague on how to adjust the settings. I have tried contacting York and their tech support is very poor. Forgot to mention my furnace is an Affinity model.

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    York has several levels. The Affinity is as nice as anything out there. The Olympian on the bottom is some cheaper built stuff, especially the outdoor units. So you if do go York, I'd pay the extra for the Affinity line.

    Armstrong has lower end outdoor units, some without scrolls. The 13LE enhanced line is 100% scroll, there will be 16 & 18 SEER 2 stage units coming soon.

    The sad thing is, in new homes the HVAC system gets the least attention. Usually goes to the lowest cost contractor and often is a hack job. Follow dash's advice!

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