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    Angry Quadrafire noise, overheating, overfeeding

    I just bought 2 quadrafire santa fe stoves and cant get either of them to work right...
    After reading the forms for several days, i have come to the conclusion that quadrafire is not worth the scrap price at the local recycler!

    I feel that with all the problems they seem to be having and quadrafires removal of any real tech help or anyway to contact them other than land mail
    is unaceptable and a real saftey concern.

    My bashing of these stoves so far is not because I have any interests in the pellet industy but rather because I feel we as consumers have no other recorse but to coplain and perhaps help others avoid the same loss of money time and happness these stoves have cost me and my family.

    never the less the stoves I now have are what i am stuck trying to make work siince I cant aford all new stoves this year so we have to make due till next winter....

    it seems there are some good people here trying to help others and myself haveing little knowledge other that being an owner of several stoves, but hope i can be helpfull at finding a soulution to these problems and perhaps we can come up with a solution to these issues that quadrafire refuses to exknowledge.

    here are the problems I m having and will apreciate any help with I can get.

    First after using a OLD winston pellet stove for years i find the santafe to be odlly unadjustable and inefficient. there is no way to adjust the fan speeds or pellet feed motor rate so given the vast vreiaity of fuels it makes this stove unusable at times if say for instance you get A BATCH OF PELLETS THAT ARE 2" LONG and the stove will overfeed and overheat. with no way to make any adjustments other than the feed rod that is alread closed off as much as it will go....

    I got the stoves installed and cleaned out really good. I push the reset button and the stove combustion fan comes on. it feeds pellets and after 4 minuets I got fire. then the stove starts to whistle and sing from the air holes in the fuel pot... I thought i could live with that since the stoves are older (2004)

    then once the stove starts to heat and the pellts are feeding I get the 200 degree light and the stove starts to make a vibration sound like a sander on metal. slow at first but builds to a jet engine roar!! getting louder and louder as the pellets keep feeding and the fire builds.
    soon the fire box is full of flame and the stove is red hot so hot it feels like glaSS IS STARTING TO MELT!

    So far no convection blower and this roaring buzzing monster goes on like this for 15 minuets and FINALLY the convection fan comes on and the roar solwly goes down.... the flames are slow and and way too big no mater what setting low , med, or high.

    the feeder time is just on too much for my fuel but is working as it should so the pellets are just too long for the stove and too much fuel is dropped. since both blower speeds are redused for the slow and medium setting. on my winston i can control the feed with a dial and the exhaust blower stays constant... should the blower speed reduce? if so why/?

    I took off the feed rod and added 1" to the end and it got the fire down to the right size and color but it will jam at times at the opening and not let pellets get to auger and stove shuts down. so the fix has to be someplace else.

    I belive the roar and vibration of the stove is because of large fire at start and flimsy thin metal construction of box. a problem only fixed by limiting the fuel and controling the fire size at startup or maybe adding stifeners inside box duct may help.

    The exhaust temps are way to high and losing heat out the wall kills the abuility to be efficient. I noticed quadrafire has no rating for the stoves and my stoves burn 2.5 bags per day on high. my old winston used about 1 bag per day and you can rest your hand on the pipe behind the stove about 100- 115 degrees 165 at hottest on high.

    So a long post but the botom line is i would like to figure out some way to control the fans and or auger. anyone added a bypass to add some control to these stoves? I belive i can make improvments to these stoves but if anyone has any info or already done something to fix these problems, would be helpfull.
    Thanks in advance,

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    My stove roared out of control for a while. Figured it wasn't breathing right. Took chimney off and cleaned that out completely and jammed the shop vac out the exhaust port best I could. Instantly stopped the crazy fire and jet engine noise. Good luck.

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