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    more about belts

    Hey everyone,
    I have multiple size belts on a variety of units at my facility. Most are quality gates or browning. Most are the cogged variety. I guess my question is how long can I expect to get on these belts as we're going into our third year with some of these belts and I'm not seeing any appreciable wear? At least to where we feel we need to change them just for the heck of it.I might add most of the equipment uses VFD's.

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    since you're equipment mostly has VFD'S they start soft and usually run all day long (2 of the primary reasons for a short belt life. You'll probably get 2 or 3 more years before you have to replace them. Suggestions 1.) keep them tight (adjust as needed) and 2.) cogged belts wear the motor pulleys faster than standard belts (check and replace when worn). Good luck.

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    Sounds like you'r belt change time is going to be pretty minimal... lucky guy!

    If I was in your shoes, I'd probably throw new belts on the next time I was going through and doing the PM (or had time to kill). Leave the old, but still good belt in the unit and you'll be set for another several years, and you'll have a spare there if needed.
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    i am experincing a two year life of belts on the lennox stratagos 10 and 20 ton units due to them having drives on them the units have a fan call 24\7 but ramp on demand of cool or heat depending load where in the past on the L series i was seeing a 1 year life id never run the "buildabelt" because of the material dust from the belts appear to get all over blower section and cause a unwanted mess to deal with i belive i will be changing sheaves a little sooner though wIll see i belive gates and browning both build a very good belt and both are mostly american made

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