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    I was curious what the pay range is for market refrigeration in the atlanta area. Ive been with a small company for a year and have never been told what what top pay would be. Im not expecting top pay but im wondering what some bigger companies are paying?

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    cant speak for Atlanta, but in Central Texas, your lookin at 20 plus an hour, with lots of bennies.

    when you get closer to the top, you'll KNOW what is available. Hang in there.

    just a thousand more cases to defrost and you'll be near your goal

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    I do alot of defrostig cases. I do think im moving up cause boss man says my position will be alot of cleaning coils this summer. I CANT WAIT...We only have 110 stores. I want to dig into the racks a little more

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    I really like the lunch meat cases..ALL those differant meats and cheeses all mixed into a mushy goo...mmmmm yummy! lol..I'm from Pa. so I dont know much about the south..I did hear about 20 per hr though.

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    Out here on the West coast a Journymen level Market Tech will be somewhere around 30-35 an hour with full bennies,the union scale is right around 32.50 on the pay check.Forman pay is even higher with guys getting close to 40 an hour.Most of the guys I know are knocking down 80,000 to 110,000 a year with OT bigtime shortage of Techs out here if your good you can almost name your pay and hours.Throw in a few side jobs :-) and 150,000 is there for the taking.

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