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    Guardian Air-Smoke and Mirrors?

    When I had a new gas furnace installed, the salespeople insisted that the Guardian PHI cell was the greatest. Now after 3 years the lamp must supposedly be replaced (several hundred bucks). They say it produces "Hydro Peroxides", or hydrogen peroxide. Another recent post said a power supply burned out - well that's not uncommon and doesn't have much to do with the actual PHI cell. Mine has been working 24/7 for 3 years.

    The RGF web site has no believable studies or certified lab confirmation on these products, yet they claim that their PHI and REME cells will kill any virus on contact.

    After 3 years of use, I can't confirm or deny that there has been any air quality improvement or diseases prevented. The only thing I have to go on is their sales literature and slick u-toob videos, and they really don't inspire the discriminating mind to say the least. And, nobody ever seems to be home at the RGF headquarters - not impressed by that.

    I'm familiar with high power UV lamps for water purification. Is this product simply a UV lamp? Or a weak ozone generator? Wouldn't I be better off putting the 300.00 for a new lamp towards an electronic air cleaner (yes, I know they have to be cleaned regularly). Without independent lab certification, how are we supposed to believe all these amazing claims?

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    I can neither confirm nor deny that the PHI cell did you any good, but the Colleton Medical Center did a study and found that they helped in reducing their infections. . There have been many discussions on this venue about PHI cells and other photocatalytic oxidizers (PCO). You will find a large following for and against.

    An electrostatic precip is installed primarily for dust control, not infection and odor reduction like a PCO. An ESP and PHI cell are intended to be used for two different purposes. The ESP discussion have been both in favor and against due to the significant maintenance and possible ozone production of ESPs.

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    Here's what the EPA says about PCO's and UVGI in the air on this link.

    Many of these white papers do a "sneeze test" and the unit is very close to the subject, right in the room with the airborne bacteria.
    According to the PDF you cited, I'm quoting - "99% of a sneeze was deactivated at three feet."
    If you have someone with the flu and they are breathing right next to you or are in the living area, has that microbe had a chance to get into the return air ducts, travel through the air handler, pass the PCO or PHI, then be purified before you have breathed it? Hmmm.
    Use a UV-C lamp shining on a surface, like a coil or UV-resistant filter, where it is most effective.
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