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    Lennox Efficiency 21 AC - Complete

    I'm a developer, owner and bought a Lennox efficiency 21 unit in Colombia/South America. It was offered to me as a better and more efficient option compared to the carrier infinity series seer 21 as well. Teh contractor installed the condenser unit XC21-060-230-03, and the air handler unit 26UH-060 with a white Rogers blue touch 5-2 Thermostat. Unit worked ok, but didn't feel that cool. Climate is like Florida in summer but like 10 times more humidity. Needed another unit for another apartment and the same contractor wasn't available, got the carrier and got to compare. Not apples with apple. The Lennox didn't have variable speed nor a communicating thermostat. New contractor said combination is not recommended by Lennox and suggest changing handler to 32MV-060 with an Icomfort touch communication thermostat. Now condensing unit doesn't communicate and equipment still not apple to apple. Electricity bill reduced significantly, but still have questions in need of honest and knowledgable answers to finish improvement and future purchases. Important: both contractors lack full knowledge of variable speed, humidity management, English language and proper thermostat configuration since this is not the US. I basically end up translating. Regret not inquiring online before purchase due to all I have read and know now.

    1)Which is Better? Lennox or carrier seer 21 both with variable speed and communication units? Just curious. Noticed carrier was more complete for the price I was offered

    2) Lennox tech said icomfort doesn't communicate with condensing model XC--060-230-03, when setting up thermostat. It was set up as a two stage at 70% for first stage. Can it be upgraded with a chip to communicate? Is it solar ready as a very promising possibility. Electric bills here are double than in the US or more. Will it improve something in the unit and by what percentage can it be expected? More efficiency?

    3) Icomfort thermostat comes with possibilities of connecting an outdoor thermostat and air discharge something. Since the infinity comes more complete, will it be helpfull to have those added to improve air management.

    4) Was the 26UH-060 an efficient enough unit to compare to the carrier, obviously comfort was not comparable at all. One contractor mentioned Lennox doesn't ofer the configuration of XC21 with 26UH. True.

    Any suggestions on parts and part numbers to make this a more efficient unit will be appreciated as where to buy if forum allows. I have a contractor to do the work but cold also use a more experienced one if available here.

    Note: I also use mini-split systems on my buildings as users manage cooling of individual rooms in hopes of saving energy when whole family is not home.

    Thanks for advise, information and suggestions.

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    Does anyone know or ever asked themselves what is the best configuration of a high efficiency system for warm and humid climates.

    For example:

    How often should the unit turn on and of, every 10-15 minutes or less? Or 20-30 minutes?

    Obviously the less the unit runs the better, but should one keep that in mind for thermostats that come with a programmable variation by degree?

    What's the best degree variation and with how many degree or minutes of runtime would it be suggested for the second (100%) stage to kick i?

    Don't forget first part of thread.


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    one brand is as good as the other
    you have answered your own question install is what is important not brand

    your second contractor is correct

    why install top of the line lennox with bottom line air handler
    the 32v will give the full avantange of the 21 unit for cooling and humidity control with the proper t- stat

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    Thanks tinknocker.

    So basically you can confirm this is a mismatch and not a recommended combination?

    So with this combination efficiency should really end up being lower than with a correct Mach like the CBX32.?

    Guess the only reason for that combination is to gain a few extra bucks, because price comparison done with other contractors was same, final product was different. Not surprised at all a Colombian contractor would do this.

    How can a home user prevent this in the future besides this awesome forum? Is there like any common sense things one should look for to know the match? I would even consider this for a partial replacement in the future.

    Thanks again

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    Yes, efficiency would be lower mainly because the motor for the blower isn't as efficient and may not provide optimum airflow... expecially for dehumidification. For dehumidification, the Infinity system I believe is still considered the best residential set-up... when installed and sized correctly.

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