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    I'm graduating tech school in a few months. In everyone's expert opinion, what should be my first step toward finding a job?

    I have a friend that may be able to help me get a job with a local company that does mostly residential. I understand I can't be too picky, but if possible I'd like to find some commercial work, probably doing installation at first. I'd rather not just take the first job I'm offered (though I obviously will if I have no other option).

    Should I just send out as many resumes as possible or what? I wouldn't want to waste a prospective employer's time if I could get a job elsewhere, but it seems like the best way to get the job you want would be to contact as many people as possible and then decide which one you want.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Send out many Resumes and open the phone book and call around. good luck

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    Check supply houses, There's usually a board on the wall with help wanted's.

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    that Optical tech work might be a plus for you with an install company and commercial stuff is the way to go but harder to break into.try these in your area with a resume into them,and a call say a week or two latter to verify the(SM)recieved it.if you can call first and get the service managers name so you know it goes to him direct..don't ask to talk to him/or anybody just get his name,and thanks!a name on the envelope to a SM makes him think you took the first step and effort with that.....and he definitly thinks....WHO does this guy know?so you call and they say they got it.....NOW WHAT......i am just out of tech school and looking for a commercial company first before i explore the residential end of the business.if asked...i have some interviews coming up with them if the commercial companies don't pick me up....slip this in(due to no experience yet)SM might think??????if i hire this guy now expose him to units he will be ready for the spring 2006.leave them with...keep me in mind for the spring and i'll call back to see whats going on.companies are very visual with what they see in a person and how you project yourself in a sitdown,and get experience from each interview on what they say and how they react to you.
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