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    We have recieved several quotes on installing a new air conditioner. Each company says that their product is the best. Is there a significant diference between the Trane XL14i and Amana RCE36C2, or are they both inferrior to another unit, furthermore our estimates have ranged from XXXXXXXXX

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    First no money questions allowed see forum rules.

    Next most important is installation/contractor. My personal preference would be the Amana system. Others will be the Trane system and others Carrier or another brand. We would all be correct.

    The right system is the one that your contractor is comfortable installing and has a good relationship with the distributor.

    There are several key differences between both brands. First the Amana has a Copeland Compliant scroll compressor. The Trane has their own compressor I believe it is their version of the scroll. I prefer the Copeland but both are excellent. Next the Amana has a copper aluminum plate fins condenser coil and Trane has the all aluminum spine fins coil. There are benefits to both here again I prefer the Amana plate fin coil.

    The Amana unit has the Lifetime compressor part warranty on the RCE Trane 10-year part warranty.

    The noise level for the condenser is very similar not really a discernable difference.

    In my opinion the Amana is easier to work on than the Trane and easier to maintain.

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    My opinion go with the Tane unit. We are a Trane dealer and was also a Amana dealer for a while. My last house I put in an Amana 13 seer Heatpump with a variable speed air handler. The Amana heatpump was noisey and loud especially when going in and coming out of defrost. It was even noisey when just in the heating/cooling mode. It was all compressor. I checked all ductwork and even the Amana rep came out and it was nothing to do with the install. All with install was done properly. He said it was just normal to sound that way.After a year the unit was starting to already look bad as far as the exterior cabinet. I sold one to a personal friend of me and my wife just before I installed ours. I could have sold them a Trane but this was during our companies trial period of Amana and at the time I was impressed with what Amana had to say. I wish I would have never sold them the Amana system. They also complained to me about how bad it was starting to look after about 1 1/2 years of service. It was starting to rust. I took pictures for our Amana rep and nothing was ever done. We no longer sell Amana. We had to take care of the customer. We didn't install many Amana units/systems before we cut ties.
    At my current home I have a Trane 14I unit. QUIET is all I can say. I have had it in for almost 2 years now and it still looks like the day it was installed. It is super quiet. It has a scroll compressor. It is made in the same plant as the copeland compressor. We have a guy that works at our comopany that used to work at Copeland and he said they ran down the same manufacturing line. Trane has a few patents in theirs though. I like the cabinet design of the Trane Xl14I too. Solid top, 2 speed outdoor fan, has the insulated cover over the compressor. Its just great all the way around. I PERSONALLY think you will have much better luck with the Trane then you will the Amana. I am taking this from my own personal experience and our experience atbeing dealers for both brands. The key though again to all of this is the install.
    Best of luck to you!

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    My opinion is that any matter what only as good as the person who installs it. Ask the contractor for credentials. Not just from the owner, but from the guy(s) who will be installing it. A few certifications will be NATE, RSES, Master, Journeyman, ICE, HVAC Excellence, etc. One thing I will say about price is to not just go on price alone with picking your contractor. See what VALUE you are getting from each contractor and not just who has the cheapest price. Who will be there for you when you have no heat on a new unit installed 1 month ago and will respond in a timely fashion? Ask these type of questions. Just don't go off of price. I have seen to many homeowners get ripped just because the contractor had the cheapest price.

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    trane xli systems are the quietest units ive worked on or sold. my opinion is trane is the better unit than amana, ive sold amana and trane between the 2 trane is a lot better unit. and just because goodman gives a lifetime warranty on compressors they dont pay for the installation and materials to change them out and if you install 2 amana compressor to one or no trane then what are you saving.
    and also the installation is a major key to lower utilities and longevity of the system.

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    One other point the XLI Trane series if you install the condenser unit airhandler and other parts, it all is covered with a 10 year warranty on all parts. One thing I do not like about the AMANA is the wire condensor coil protection. In my case when I do landscape maintenance, I know I would hit the fins and damage them. It makes it too easy to damage the fins. Other than that get what fits your budget, and make sure your contractor knows what they are doing! Hopefully the AMANA dealer will perform a complete HVAC evalaution. Not just recommend unit size by house square footage. If the Trane dealer is an authorized Comfort Temp dealer they do perfom a full evaluation.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by twallrhs
    [B]We have recieved several quotes on installing a new air conditioner. Each company says that their product is the best. Is there a significant diference between the Trane XL14i and Amana RCE36C2, or are they both inferrior to another unit,

    This is Turtle.

    You tell me which is the best installer of hvac equipment your getting bids on and I will tell you which brand to get. Brand does not mean anything to me but the Installer is everything.

    twallrhs , i'm not joking !


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    2-Stage may be appropriate

    Originally posted by twallrhs
    We have recieved several quotes on installing a new air conditioner. Each company says that their product is the best.
    Your location ?
    House Size ... ... ... ... ?
    Amount of windows ...

    Trane XL16i
    Heat Pump

    or A/C

    or similar equipment from Lennox.

    Designer Dan
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