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    Thumbs up

    By a girl ? :P

    Myself, I think I would enjoy it.

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    Me you can always use the excuse that you "didn't want to hurt her" with the guys afterwards. LOL
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    Every time I wrestled with my wife I ended up with another kid to feed.

    I don't know??? She would find it hard if a girl wrestled with me. And in those little skimpy suits they make you wear everyone would know it.

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    She shouldn't be allowed to compete in boys wrestling IMO. The first guy to hurt her would be labeled super a-hole.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    When I was in high school on the wrestling team there was another school in our area that had a female wrestler on their team she had only wrestled 1 or 2 matches in a few years because most of the guy refused to wrestle her

    She was not in my weight class (in which case she would have been a cow rather then a girl)
    But the kid on our team even refused to wrestle her

    really think about it if you loose then you are a branded a whimp for the rest of your school life if you win well great you just beat a girl so for the guys it is a loose loose situation

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