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    Tech support

    Hey guys who do you find has the best tech support and is the most reliable for having parts C, Y or L

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    I only called L, never Y or C.

    I wasn't impressed. I think they are focused on the new resi stuff, and are dolts when faced with a commercial situation.
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    go to all of the factory training you can & get to know your tech. rep.
    if he can put a face to the name you will get better service
    than most. i even buy them lunch & they still wont return my calls.

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    I work as technical/customer support for a smaller manufacturer. I've gotten so busy at times I've worked on my time to make sure everyone at least gets called back. Most techs are grateful just to get the call back. You guys are our eyes and ears. I for one am grateful for all your efforts, and love the opportunity to assist troubleshooting the equipment we build.
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