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    I love my dogs...I spoil my dogs....but I dont buy cloths for my dogs and when I heard this on the morning news today I decided I wont buy beer for my dogs....but for thouse of u who desire is the I got to admit I think the world is getting weirder by the day.

    Yes, it's beer! But, it's for dogs.

    Non-alcoholic and non-carbonated, our Happy Tail Ale is the ultimate liquid refreshment for your best friend. Our brew is made with choice malted barley and filtered water, featuring all-natural beef flavorings. Plus, it's fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E!

    Sure, there are lots of ways you show your dog you love him: Taking him for a walk, giving him a belly rub, tossing him a few treats...but how about a beer? Of course, you can't give him the same beer you grab from the fridge when YOU want a treat! Alcohol, hops and carbonation are bad for dogs. But what about giving him a drink that not only tastes good, but is healthy as well?

    Your dog will love our Happy Tail Ale, cold from the fridge and in a flavor he loves!

    Please click on "Order" to get your Happy Tail Ale online! Or, click "Find It" for the store nearest you!

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    Happy Tail Ale Beer For Dogs! Find a Select Store Near You!

    The Beer For Dogs Story
    Beer For Dogs...Share a Beer With Your Best Friend! The story of how Happy Tail Ale was invented

    Friends of Dog Beer: Dog Star Brewing Company Links!
    Beer for dogs! Nonalcoholic Happy Tail Ale is a treat your dog will love! Fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E, featuring all natural meat flavor.

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    Beer farts from the dog...

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