The NFL,

Under obvious pressure from the officiating blunders that went against the Steeler's in the Indy game they must have felt that they should make amends at Seattle's expense. The officiating crew was apparently given orders to make it up to the Steeler's,, will the NFL admit this set of mistakes tomorrow ?

They totally took the Seahawk's out of the game on at least three occasions,,,,It then became obvious that the Hawk's could not win, the NFL decided the outcome before the start of the game

What a farce, the NFL is in a sad sad state, even with the benefit of 16 cameras they chose to ignore the pictures,,,

How embarrassing for them that they would let this happen,,,

If the Steeler's organization has any class at all they will turn that trophy back in , and say it just wasn't earned.

I give up, I will never watch another NFL game,