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    What manufactuer of RTU's and Split Systems have a driver available and is easy to get for a Tridium front end?

    I have a spec'd job that does not spec equipment, but specs a Tridium front end. So I need 2 VAV RTU's, 1 CV RTU, 3 split systems, 32 VAV boxes, and a node for start/stop, etc... on a boiler. The VAV boxes are HW reheat. There are also a few exhaust fans that will need to be enabled when the RTU's are active.

    The job is now in a value engineering stage, so if I can get away with not having to set my own controllers, devices, etc... in every unit, it should save a bit.

    I can't find anywhere online that gives me an answer as to what drivers are available.

    I am going to call Carrier, Lennox, and York tomorrow and see if they have something, but I am hoping someone here has first hand experiance.


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    Practically Canadian ehh.
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    Lonworks and Bacnet Ethernet/IP I believe come standard in the Jace's. The Bacnet MSTP you have to pay extra for.

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    Carrier: CCN Driver (purchase from a Carrier Commercial office, distributors can't sell, best way to do CCN, about the cost of 3 or 4 of their translators), or their Lon-Translator (limited points, not much for write-access, need 1 for each device $$$), or their Bacnet/Modbus (mstp not true bacnet, need 1 for each device, $$$)

    Trane: Their lon stuff is pretty simple, not much write-access though. Bacnet using a BCU through Bacnet over Ethernet, better access, but you've got to get Trane to expose all the points you need.

    York: Modbus, pretty good point count on RTU's, not sure what they have for VAV's. I've used Simplicity/Intellicomfort before, and just heard that they've got a Bacnet option now, not sure if it is mstp or not.

    Lon: Staefa, Siemens, Invensys, Honeywell, what ever you want to slap on to your equipment. If there is not an existing shadow object (template) for the device, their dynamic devices work pretty well, as long as you have good documentation from the manufacturer.

    Bacnet: pretty much anything

    Modbus: pretty easy, but you need one license for each trunk, and you are limited to somewhere around 31 devices per trunk (mstp is the same way), and its best to keep different manufacturers on different trunks.

    Hope this helps...

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    I would just slap in Distech for everything. They are actually a tridium dealer now and they have all the wizards for tridium which make it nice and easy. Price is good to.

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