Thank you very much Teddy Bear. If you don't mind, I have a couple more questions:

1. From the Ultra-Aire website, it appears that the ventilated/fresh air is added to the supply side of the HVAC. Doesn't the mean the air will enter the home uncooled/unheated? Maybe it doesn't make enough difference to affect the whole house temp, but seemed odd to me that the ventilated air would not be added to the return side so that the HVAC would then cool/heat it.

2. If I also add a Perfect 16 (or other air cleaner/filter) to the return side, I suppose the issue in 1 above would mean that the air supplied by the ventilator would not be cleaned until it circulated through the home and back into the return. Again, maybe this isn't too worrisome since you mentioned the Ultra Aire offers Merv 14 filtration.

3. If I use a ventilating dehumidifier for ventilation instead of an air exchanger, should I be concerned that I probably won't get any fresh air in the winter months as there will be no need for dehumidification? If you live in a climiate with hot/cold months is a air exchange with a separate dehumidifier a better option?