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    Lennox HEPA Bypass Filtration?

    Anyone familiar with this? I did a search and did not find much discussion. I'm trying to find a top quality filtration system for the return ducts of my furnace, but am not sure what it means by it being a "bypass system". Are these effective? I'm concerned becuase it appears that maybe these only clean a portion, and not all, the air going through the returns. On the other hand, maybe that helps avoid blocking the air flow in your system.

    Also, looking at the IQ Air Perfect 16, but it may be cost prohibitive. Have ruled out some of the other whole filtration systems because don't want one that produces any ozone. Will also be adding something for ventilation, probably a ventilating dehumidifier.

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    Partial bypass systems usually use HEPA media, a more resistant media that needs blower assistance to filter to a lower size particulate. They also often have activated carbon that adds a high resistance to airflow. Carbon and HEPA are not usually used inline. This type item usually can be used standalone in a variety of uses.
    Check out CAP600-UV on
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