The reason why most can not dispell your misconceptions, is because as much they don't know your side either.

You see what I am saying.

And thats why, some of the few intlelligent remarks in these kinds of threads go so unnoticed and one who makes a solid point which might lead to a good inquisitive and informative session leads to all the others who have no clue just beating each other down.

Same mentality of younger techs.

They know everything right?

If that young technician is not somehow reined in and truly brought under control so that he can actually give himself an opportunity to learn, he goes through his career as a second rate tech, but one that thinks he is great. You know the kind of tech I am talking about.

It's the same kind of thing with this for or against the union issue. If everyone wanted to relly know the ins and outs of each side, you all might accomplish a good thing together.