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    How do I get rid of air in the hotwater heating system. I can hear rushes of water going through the pipes also banging sometimes.

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    go to every bleed port, crack em open and let it flow. expect to get water out, i will genraly bleed out 1/4 cup per point of water.

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    Don't forget to bring the pressure back up after bleeding.

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    Sometimes you will find the air trapt in a spot witch is of some distance from the bleeding point. And then sometimes it helps to stop the flow in that part of the system, that can be done by 1 stopping the pump
    2 stopping [closing] the radiators in that section.
    Sometimes it helps to heat up the complete system, stop it wait a couple of minutes and bleed it again.
    If that all din't help, try to get as much flow as you can trough the noisy section, hopefully the trapt air takes a rollercoaster ride to the bleeder.
    But how did the air became a problem in the first place?
    Is the position of the vessel good? are you pumping away from the vessel?

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    There are so many different types of systems with different piping arrangements that a concise answer would be quite difficult to post here. You may also have a system that was never piped properly in the first place.

    A call to a local heating contractor who has a "wethead" on staff would be your best bet.

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