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    Just studying up on some Nate practice questions. Got a few that I could use some help with if anyone has a second... Also include where you found these answers if available. Thanks in advance!!!!!

    1. If you have a 20A motor, what is the max amp size dual
    element fuse you can use??

    For some reason 175% sticks in my mind for motors 20A and under, but I don't remember if that's for fuse size or what..

    2. With a leak in the return duct of 15% at a 95deg.F attic space temp, how would you calculate the infiltration?

    3. The lineset should be sized to accomodate a pressure/temperature drop of no more than??
    A. 1psi/1deg.
    B. 2-4psi/2deg.
    C. 5-8psi/4deg.
    D. 10psi/8deg.

    I know that the 'discharge' line for R22 with a remote condensor has a recommended max pressure drop of 6psig, but would that be the same recommendation for a lineset of a split system??


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    this is a beter topic for the pro section.

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