i am typing this drunk so excuse my syntax. went to station square to watch the game. watched a few at the red star saloon this season. great place 35yr+ people huge projection tv as big asd a small movie theatre pretty good picture for its size. i show up and gues what. reservation only. the same with bar louie the hard rock and a bunch of other clubs. the only place that wasn't a "private party was houlihans and a sports bar full of air hockey games and such.

i know how tough it is to get a steeler ticket or how expensive it is to go to the superbowl but now you need reservations to get into a bar at station square? its my fault for not knowing we needed reservations but it pissed me off to no end. the santorum (republican congressman)party at the sheraton was easier to get into than the hard rock.

myself my best drunk buddy ziggy and my hippy sister(i mean old school san fransisco 1968 hippy) ended up at houlihans.
alot bof other people ended up there because of the bar reservations and pretty soon we were jammed and raising hell. a older couple my sister was talking to left and gave us seats at the bar right in front of the tv and a cute very cool bartender. this was at 4o 2 and a half hours before the game and standing room only. i was missing my couch but the energy of the crowd , mostly 30 yrs old and experiencing their first superbowl. it quickly became the best bar in town with all the spurned steelers ending up there.

needless to say the stillers looked sloppy in the first quarter but they shined like we knew they would. the game was over after parkers superbowl record setting 75 yard run. ward made some great catches and i guess he deserved the mvp but i would og piched parker or # 35. i think that blocking back was the mvp for the year and i will trade ironcity pounders at 10 yards with anyone who wants to argue the point. the running game got them to the playoffs and opened up their suprise passing attack. kreider is the key to the run game. every defense thought put a gang in the box and make them win with the passing . well they proved they could win with the pass. they could win with the run. they could win with the defense. they could win with special teams.

what a game. the steelers were every thing the hype and destiny talk said they were.

i bet we see the bus playing next year.

i am so pumped i can't describe it. i love this city.