I had a friend do a bit of clean up around his shop and had some refrigerant. Here is a list of what`s for sale. Must Have EPA certification to purchase this refrigerant.

Weights are all gross.
R-502 14lbs. 10 oz make offer
R-408a 21lbs. 14.25 oz make offer
R-408a 28lbs. 13 oz make offer
R-408a 14lbs. 1.5 oz make offer
R407c 15lbs. 10 oz make offer
R407c unopened $150.00
R-409a 31lbs. 4oz make offer
R-404a 19lbs. 6.5oz make offer
R-401a/MP-39 35lbs. 3oz make offer

Would like to do FTF in the Dallas area.