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    Heating oil #2
    Driver is pulling the hose up to the house and the meter is reading 4.6 gallons. He told me that he just had the truck filled up and bla bla about air in the system.
    1. Maybe the trucks do run empty - filling some guys tank - ops only 60 gallons come out. Print the ticket and go to the depot.
    2. Could the guy have just started at zero and blown the 4.6 gallons of air into my tank - so I pay 4.6 gallons of air? I have a 275 tank in my basement with a whistle.

    3. Is the delivery meter so poor that it runs on air?

    He wrote 4 gallons credit on the yellow slip.

    What's going on??

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    He was too lazy and didn't reset the oil meter correctly before delivery. Tell them you want 4.6 gal credit

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    Originally posted by stevenmurray
    - so I pay 4.6 gallons of air?

    Thats a lot of air...4.6 gallons

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    Meter only measures liquid. Not air.
    The meters are calibrated at least annually by an independent agency that is accountable to the DOT.
    You are not getting screwed. If anything, I don't know how most of these oil companies stay in business. They just have to keep prices a little higher to make up for losses from certain PIA customers.

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