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    Had a 2 1/2 ton Armstrong High Efficiency Concept 1300 heat pump & air handler system installed Jan 2005. Have had problems ever since such as: components failing in heat pump then in both heat pump and air handler twice, as well as other minor things. Installer has fixed, or attempted to fix problems but ever time the season changes, something blows!!

    Right now, and we keep our thermostat set on 68° in heating season, the heat strips are coming on even when the temp outside is between 40° and 50°. Makes for some eye-popping electric bills. Tech has said he thinks the thermostat needs to be replaced and also suggests a thermostat to control the heat strips. What says everyone else???????

    Have said I think the entire system should be replaced but installer doesn't much like that suggestion.


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    Can't say for sure from a keyboard, but it is possible that your stat needs to be changed and adding a stat to better control the strips is never a bad idea. I have did it, not often, but every now and then I do.


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    Way too many things can be at play here. If you can post what components have been replaced and at least some information on how the system has been failing your needs we may be able to at least give you an educated guess as to what may be happening.

    Just for reference sake; system equipment components are rarely lemons.

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    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
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