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    Is there a major difference in components used in
    these brands? I have the option of using Luxaire
    as the contractors "base" system, and I need a
    heat pump 15 SEER appx. I know I can choose between
    a variety of systems, but I am just concerned about
    the two of these. I know luxaire is a lower brand
    of York, but I just wanted experts to chime in on
    thier opinions...Plugging a brand is not necessary
    since their performance may be really close, but
    are the innards apples to apples? thanks. Señor D

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    This is Turtle.

    Tell me who the installers are for each and I will tell you which one is better brand.


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    Without model #'s of each system being proposed it is hard to tell you if each is comparable... One might be a builder model and the other might be a performance or elite series unit.. Also compare warranties.. If this is from two differant contractors,, you might want to look at the contractor more than the brand... Installation is key!!
    Their are builders(cheap) models and elite(mo-money) models of every brand..


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    the unit is a unit, the installers are the key to a quality system. I would take a goodman that is profesionaly installed over a hacked in trane..

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    If it were my house i would put the Lennox in over the luxaire any day. Its hard to know for sure without model #'s but Lennox is a much better product, with a lower fail rate than luxaire.

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