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    Gas Line

    I am having a company insert a Quadra Fire gas insert into our existing wood burning fireplace.put in. We have a gas line that happens to be beneath the fireplace in the basement that is 1/2" size. That line runs approximately 50 feet from near where the gas comes into the house. That line currently feeds a furnace rated at 45,000 btus. The Quadra fire is rated at 35,000 btus. Would that line be adequate to feed both the furnace and the gas insert?

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    the pros installing would know if it needs upsized
    Total Energy Management, inc

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    Quote Originally Posted by isuredo View Post
    the pros installing would know if it needs upsized
    They will consult NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code

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    Whomever is installing the gas appliance has the responsibility to ensure the piping has been installed by a qualified professional and sized to the load. That means the gas fitter or plumber should have calculated the Longest Run Method to see what size line is needed. If a larger diameter line is needed, it should be baked into the price of the job. Note the stated minimum inlet pressure rating on the appliance is with all appliances in the house firing under full load. For Quad, that is typically 5.0wci. Failure to meet that min. may result in delayed ignition, sooting, CO, altered flame patterns and low heat output.

    A lot also depends upon the material used and how many fittings. A single run of 1/2 copper will flow more gas than steel pipe with a dozen fittings for the same lineal footage, for instance. CSST has sizing charts that for the most part work well. A 1/2" line is a push for a single furnace much less 50ft to a fireplace. yes, you need to call someone.

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    Your pipe sizing also depends on gas pressure. If its a 1/2 pound (low pressure) or a 2lb (high pressure gas meter). All appliances run on low pressure so if your house is high pressure you will see a regulator before your furnace.

    If it is low pressure, 1/2'' iron is good for 95,000 btu at 50' longest measured run ,and in high pressure 1/2'' iron is good for 603,000 btu

    If it is low pressure, 1/2'' copper it is good for 30,000 btu at 50' and if high pressure it is good for 192,000btu

    hope this helps

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